Cultural heritage has a universal value for us as individuals, communities and societies. Cultural heritage targets promoting diversity and dialogue through access to heritage to foster a sense of identity. Cultural heritage includes different types of social activities, festivals ceremonies, religious place, religious ceremony etc. carry social values. It includes its originality, specialty of tradition and other valuable aspects. … Continue reading “”

Tips to find a Best Trekking Agency in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is an amazing opportunity to experience Nepal’s natural beauty, enjoying the Himalayan topography, cultural elements in spectacular customs, customs and the religion. Through the trekking, gorgeous Himalayan topography of Nepal are breath-taking in every step and every way. After deciding to do trekking in Nepal for your next holiday, there are many … Continue reading “Tips to find a Best Trekking Agency in Nepal”

Festival of Colors

It is also known as Phagu Purnima which is a festival of colours and water. This festival is celebrated from Falgun Shukla Ashthami to Purnima (full moon) as a celebration of Basanta (Spring) season. People have gathered with their friends and family since early morning today and commenced the celebration by applying colours on each … Continue reading “Festival of Colors”

7 Amazing lakes in Nepal

Nepal offer some of the most amazing and picturesque lakes in the world and these lakes are one of the major attraction for the tourism of Nepal. Nepal is famous for its high altitude fresh water lakes of varying size. There are a number of lakes and tanks of glacial and tectonic origin in Nepal. … Continue reading “7 Amazing lakes in Nepal”