Trekking in Nepal is an amazing opportunity to experience Nepal’s natural beauty, enjoying the Himalayan topography, cultural elements in spectacular customs, customs and the religion. Through the trekking, gorgeous Himalayan topography of Nepal are breath-taking in every step and every way. After deciding to do trekking in Nepal for your next holiday, there are many fraud deals sites which display misleading travel deals of the trip packages and in real present very poor value-for-money. If you have confusion to select a good trekking agency among the thousands of companies in Nepal, than this article will give you some ideas to help you out with choosing the best trekking agencies in Nepal. Here are listed down some helpful tips to aid you make the best decision for your upcoming trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal.

  1. Registration, Licenses and Associations (Nepal Government Authorized Trekking Agency)

This is very important for you to know that, Your Trekking agency are authorized with proper licenses and registration from various Authorities or not? A Trekking agency has Company Registration Certificate, Permanent Account Number (PAN), and License from Department of Tourism of Nepal (NTB) and Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) to conduct their services. But If Trekking agency sells the Climbing packages then need to be registered with Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). You can see the legal documents in the profile in website, if not present ask them for certificate before the final booking and don’t forget to check the date of expiry.

  1. Read Client Reviews and testimonials

Not only Register Company offers good service for trekking. Reviews and testimonials may help you to get the basic ideas about the trekking company and their services. The testimonials may help you get the basic idea about their business and their strengths. Read the reviews from the past clients and find out the reliable trekking agency based on the reviews and rating.  Trip Advisor and Lonely planet may be a good way to get the reviews from the past clients and find out the reliable trekking agency based on the reviews and rating.

  1. Year of Experience of the Agency

The years of Experiences may be the important factors to determine the services of trekking company. While old company doesn’t mean they provide better services, a momentous years of experience will assure the reliable expertise of the company. So some new trekking agencies opened by experienced guide can provide the value of money. Also, check the Founders of Company, whether they are simply a businessman or adventure leaders or experts. Do they have earlier adventure trip leading experience or are they leading the trip.

  1. Cost and services

First, let’s not forget the value of your holiday, Cheapest may not always give you best value for the money. To find the reasonable cost it is necessary to compare your needs with the facilities provided by the agency. Check about their services and prices clearly which gives you the overview of your total expenses. Check carefully the cost inclusion and make sure it fulfill your requirement for the trip. Be sure no hidden cost will apply on the service.

  1. Safety standards of the company

Before booking your trip assure that your trekking agency have great safety standards and good safety records. Before heading to Himalayas the company does carry the Portable Altitude Chamber (PAC) or Oxygen with comprehensive first aid kit and medical trained trek leader on all high altitude treks to handle any emergencies or health issues in the Himalayas. Make sure that, during the emergency case they provide helicopter rescue or not?

  1. Send an Inquiry Email

It is very important to know that how they reply your email and responds the answer of your question. Communication will not just let you know about their facilities and services but their response to your inquiries will help you clear all your doubts, know them more closely and get a clear picture about your upcoming adventure.

  1. Agencies and their Guides

Guides are the one of the most important factors that determine your experience while you trek so, assure that, your trip leader who is reliable competent professional with government license holder and medically trained capable of handling any adverse situation on trek. Guides are not just to show the way and to tell the mountains name or only charm smiling. Guides must have communication skills Specially-English and multiple languages are pulse points. Because, they know their cultures but they can’t tell or describe on properly its spoil your whole journey. Finding a multilingual guide will make your trek more comfortable. They must have general knowledge of politics, cultures, lifestyle, movies, international events, news so they can make a nice conversation.