Nepal is also known as a Land of Himalayas. Nepal has carved out its own distinct culture. Nepal is a dream destination for adventure seekers and for those bitten by the travel bug. If you’re planning to travel in mountains and the Himalayas area. There might be risk and chances of problems like health issues, injuries and even altitude sickness. Therefore, travel insurance is the most important for your trip. In Nepal, most medical treatment must be paid for at the point of delivery.

If your insurance company does not provide upfront payment, be sure to obtain receipts so you can reclaim later be sure that the Travel Insurance must cover both the medical and emergency evacuation via a helicopter(rescue from the high altitude ) cost. Make sure that, you choose the correct plan and/or adventure sports option with hiking & trekking cover. Taking out a Travel Insurance before you go on a trip will protect you from such unforeseen expenses. Also, always make sure to inquire about the hidden costs as some insurance companies try to fleece the customers with unnecessary burdens.