Is Nepal Expensive?

Nepal, also a favorite destination for Backpackers is a beauty packaged in a comparatively worth value. But is it expensive to travel around it, let’s find that out.

Fascinated by the mysterious country offering a gateway to Mount Everest? Nepal is the place where you can observe raw adventure; towering Himalayan peaks, rare wildlife and ancient culture. Nepal is not only multiple in context to cultural heritages but also more diverse in vegetation, animal, natural landscapes etc. It has many historical places, which are archaeologically valuable, and an important source of income and study.

If you ever plan to travel in Nepal then assure yourself that don’t worry too much about your travel budget. The travel/trekking cost which you find in Nepal are very cheaper and affordable than other destinations in the world. In Nepal tourist fee can be charged differently according to the SAARC nation and outside from the SAARC nation. Nepal’s touristic site propose less charges for travelers belonging to the SAARC nations but it doesn’t charge much fees to anyone outside from the SAARC nations. Nepal will always be opening its doors to backpackers and traveler for many nationalities

Accommodation in Nepal is pretty standard and prices vary dramatically, depending on where you stay and when. Normally a simple guesthouses, will set charge between $5 – $35 per night. If you’re travelling outside of the valley in high season/non season, prices can up and down. Basically 3 star to Luxurious hotels rate are higher than guest house but not much that higher than other Asian countries. They will charge between $19 – $242. Nepal holds one of the most delicious local delicacies which come at a very affordable cost. Along with that it will be nice for you if you purchase adventure packages like bungee jumping, paragliding, zip flier, skydiving and rafting as they are way cheaper in Nepal than any other Asian nation you would like to travel. The official currency of Nepal is the Nepali Rupee. We recommend carrying a combination of Nepali Rupee and American dollars at any time.