The Government of Nepal generates this program in the Nepal Tourism Year 2011. The concept of village tourism was introduced for the first time in Nepal in Sirubari village (1700 m) inhabited mostly by people of the Gurung community. Home stay in Nepal, Travelers will have a chance to explore and understand the village life, unique opportunity to make positive environmental, exchange language, social and economic contributions in host communities through their visits. Villagers were welcoming with warm greetings by wearing their traditional customs to the tourist. Homestay opportunities range from a complete family experience to basic room rental. During home stay in Nepal, you will get local lodging, local food and the typical Nepali village lifestyle in the manner of touristic way. They also get to observe and participate in the day-to-day activities of these villages.

Homestays are universally considered an excellent alternative to hotel accommodation, which provides the opportunity for visitors to experience local culture and lifestyle firsthand. The major purpose of homestay is to enhance rural people’s participation in the tourism sector. This kind of plan is also suitable for backpackers as they can explore more of the Himalayan country with limited budget. If you are planning for a short vacation/ holiday in Nepal you would better plan for tours and travels from Homestay Plans. Because Nepal has got diverse in culture, climate, custom, creature and community. Living in a Nepali village as a homestay guest is an excellent way to know the real Nepal.